The R & D Business Group, Inc.

About Us

About Us

Headquartered in the Indianapolis area, The R & D Business Group, is a team of experienced scientists, educators, technologists and recreation professionals engaged as consultants in a wide variety of national and international science and technology projects.  


In addtion to this work, we are focused on developing new activities for children (K-8) that teach basic science concepts through rigorous physical activity, teamwork and FUN.


The R & D Business Group, Inc. works to collaborate and contribute to the advancement of society through innovative science, technology and partnership. The following beliefs guide our development of this product.

We understand the most important thing a student brings to class with them for successful concept acquisition is prior experience. This includes anything in their history of experiences they can use to help understand and explain the concept or terminology before them. We strive to develop activities that can be used outside of the classroom to support formal classroom learning.

We also understand that, to some children, the image of science is often paired with misconceptions such as; science is too hard, only for brainiacs, only for boys, only associated with tests, etc. We strive to break down these misconceptions and offer alternative positive and motivational images.

In addition, we understand that, for some program leaders or educators, science is an uncomfortable topic. This limits interdisciplinary support for science.  We strive to create mechanisms to support all levels of educator knowledge.  


At the same time, we understand the health and welfare of this and generations to come continue to be threatened by sedentary lifestyles and poor levels of physical fitness. We strive to incorporate rigorous physical movement into each activity and to encourage such activities in the home environment.


We believe children can be encouraged to see themselves as successful scientists making a difference in the world by envisioning themselves as a "Chief Scientist". We believe activities should involve all children from start to finish. Nobody should ever be eliminated and sitting on the sidelines.


We focus on concepts that are relevant and can be seen or experienced by children in things they do or see everyday - all day. Each concept transends the school day and allows them to see the relevancy in all aspects of their lives.

For these reasons, our development team is focused on combining science learning through rigorous physical exercise in a way that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and connects multiple educational disciplines and motivates children to want to learn more about science.

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