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Fostering enthusiasm for Science



Professional Development Workshop and Resources 


  • Classroom Teachers of all subjects
  • Youth Leaders 
  • Paraprofessional Educators
  • Afterschool Program Activity Specialists
  • Aids and Volunteers
  • Parents and Families
  • Home Schooling 
Jim "Mr. H-A-P-P-Y!!!" Atkinson is a leading expert in youth programming and an internationally recognized motivational speaker, and author.  

Headquartered in the Indianapolis area, The R & D Business Group, is a team of experienced scientists, educators, technologists and recreation professionals engaged as consultants in a wide variety of national and international science and technology projects.  


In addtion to this work, we are focused on developing new activities for children (K-8) that teach basic science concepts through rigorous physical activity, teamwork and FUN.


Science + P.L.A.Y. = Smiles


It is imperative we motivate our children to develop a personal interest in the scientific inspection of their universe!  National educational initiatives have set a clear goal: "move from the middle to the top of the pack in science over the next decade".

At the same time, the health and welfare of this and generations to come continue to be threatened by sedentary lifestyles and poor levels of physical fitness.


How do we assist in turning these daunting challenges into rewarding realities? By incorporating, through rigorous games and activities, a variety of innovative new resources and techniques that make learning scientific concepts FUN!


This dynamic, continuing education workshop addresses both of these challenging issues and is designed for educators and youth leaders of all disciplines.


By attending this workshop, educators and recreational leaders (K-8) will learn how  motivation and enthusiasm for science can be incorporated throughout the educational environment using rigorus physical exercise and inspiring children to learn that science is all around them, every day, in everything they do - - all while experiencing the joy and power of P.L.A.Y.! (Practical Learning Activities for Youth).

Schedule a "Science + P.L.A.Y = Smiles"

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